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Liquidweb is offering web hosting services since 1997. They have three data centres and running over 1300 web servers. This is one of the largest companies and became the INC5000 fast growing. They offer only the highest quality services, and they have VPS plan and variety of business solution including email service, database service, media server and lots more. Most importantly, they have heroic support team that is extremely smart in helping you solving problems.

Is Liquidweb a good web hosting company? A short answer will be a yes. We have many years of real experience in using their products and services. This Liquidweb review site is currently hosted with them and we use this account for testing. All the facts, details and unbiased Liquidweb reviews can be found here in this review blog. We provide information for free and hope user will find this information useful. web hosting

What are their top 10 advantages and benefits? What are the features provided by them and how they can help your online business? Here are the key advantages of their shared hosting plan:

They use premium quality server hardware.

Include cPanel control panel and Site Studio software.

99.9% website and network uptime guarantee.

24/7 technical support with online live chat.

Free redundant nightly backups.

For most shared web hosting company, you won’t get daily backup services for free; not to mention redundant daily backup services! You only get this from them. Most importantly, they are not overselling in their shared server, this ensure healthy amount of accounts and users in one single server. When packing too many users in particular hardware, it will cause service overload and slower website response time and terrible service uptime. This is what caused budget plan to fail that is why two dollars plan can’t be reliable at all. When quality comes into concern, controls and management is what going needed. They do not oversell their server and this is the best ways it should be. They are running over one thousand servers and overselling is not their business.

Is Liquidweb VPS hosting any good? A good plan is not necessary expensive, at price range of fifty dollars you can get a very good VPS plan. There are budget plan that give you the very basic features, some of these VPS plans are lack the features and reliability that you looking for. That’s why you must visit review site to find out more about the VPS you going to signup. Get all the details, read reviews, good or bad, advantages and disadvantages, and know all the facts in first place.

Their VPS plan is one of the very famous and with the highest quality we ever seen. They offer the unmatched quality with sonar monitoring that detects problems on your account. Fully managed server with cPanel WHM control panels included, very good quality, uptime and customer support.

VPS web hosting package

Is Liquidweb dedicated server the best? This is not an ordinary single server platform but using storm cloud platform instead. They use high performance cloud server that are fully flexible for websites of any size. It is complete with the best technical support and customer service. We have rated their plan one of the best and the most recommended, here are the reasons:

Server is running at high performance cloud environment.

Instant deployment and quick setup within few minutes.

Come with 2 GB RAM and 5 TB outgoing bandwidth transfer.

Free billing software, real time monitoring, firewall and technical support.

Besides conventional private servers, they have highly customized and specialized servers to choose from. For example, they have media server, database processing server and colocation service that allow you to place own server at their data centre.

Liquidweb smart servers is the better choice? They create and offer the world most advanced technology and it is called smart servers. In this platform, they combined hardware with cloud flexibility. This combination creates the most reliable service and higher level of performance too. Cloud technology create redundancy and more reliable hardware setup, and together will cloud hosting software, this is the best fail proof system.

Following comparison shows the different between them. Their smart server technology sure has lots of advantages to bring benefits for your websites.

The better smart servers

Is Liquidweb database server the best? Having a huge website that is database intensive and processing millions of MySQL records per day? For high capacity and heavy site, you can’t simply host it in budget dedicated or collocation server. Purchase own software and hardware, and get an administrator to get the job done. It is a long and painful process and will cost you a lot of money too. Their database service is offering in both MySQL and Microsoft SQL they have their own administrator to install and configure the server. For even higher demanding website, you can get clustered servers from them. For large scale websites, you can get both web and database server. Connect both and get the best performance from their most advanced database. Besides, they also have fully managed backup and restore services. This option is useful when you are hosting critical data and require the best data protection.

Liquidweb cPanel control panel is simple. The best hosting plan should use the best software and hardware, and this is where we find the best cPanel control panel as well. Their shared and VPS plans use the latest cPanel control panel; it’s famous for usability, complete with all features, robust, and reliable. All these are the main advantages of cPanel control panel. This is the most widely use control panel and migrating to cPanel hosting plan is hassle free all together. There is no other control panel better than this one!

CPanel Control Panel

Liquidweb email and webmail service is wonderful. Email account is compulsory for today web hosting, and a good quality service is even better. We are talking about email delivery, features provided, accounts setup, and even the email sending limits. If you have special requirement on this, do make sure that you do some homework, and research about the features provided by them. Email forwarding and auto-responder is standard features, and you might need this. Their shared hosting also come with spam assassin, and allow you to setup an email blocker to have mail rejected based on criteria you specify.

Are they offering domain privacy? We run a complete checking on domain protection and privacy thing. And appear they do not offering this option for their domain registration. We also check on other plan for this feature, there is none as well. Domain privacy feature is a very good feature, and it’s commonly used in protecting personal information from appearing when someone performed a WHOIS search. Definitely, we hope someday will start offering these privacy features as well.

Private SSL certificate for HTTPS webpage is affordable. Their plan is e-commerce ready and you can setup shopping cart at here. Either it’s a shared, VPS, or a dedicated server. By default, they are offering self sign SSL certificate. You can access these SSL certificate through cPanel control panel. First log in to cPanel and browse to SSL manager. At here you can generate private key or sign certificate. After your SSL certificate is approved and given the .CRT file. Upload the certificate file to cPanel and once this is done, you can host secure HTTPS webpage. How to place order on a new certificate? Right now, they are offering few types of SSL certificate and the most basic single domain SSL cert price start from fifty dollars per year. Their most advanced organization SSL certificate that supports wildcard domains are available from them too.

How fast is Liquidweb speed and loading time? Testing a website speed can be divided into two types. First is testing server response time and second is total website loading time. For professional plan, we usually get somewhere near 100 KB per second in transfer time. Our website with 210 KB in size can be loaded in 3.64 second (as per testing). This shows our website speed is average good, this is not the fastest and very similar to what we get at iPage and Fatcow as well. Their superiority is in their 100% uptime guarantee.

Online Website Speed Test

How good is Liquidweb uptime? We have been hosting with them for many years and we have uptime rating stat for our website. They claimed the best service uptime for all their products and they include free sonar monitoring into their server to detect problem and fix the website downtime in first place. All these technology is here to improve website uptime and prevent downtime. For the year 2012, this website uptime is average at 99.9% and downtime is just too little.

Website Uptime Statistic

Liquidweb technical support and customer service are one of the best. No doubt, the top web hosting company are offering great quality services. But they are subject to downtime and problem once and a while. When service failed, it’s time to reach our for their technical support team for assistant. Getting help as quick as possible and get the problem fixed in the first place. There should be no wasting of time to wait for response or reply. Some terrible company will make your requests waiting for hours or days before they look into it. Isn’t it great if they have people that look into the issue and get it to the right people to solve the problem in first place? This will obviously cut the service response time. This is something we spotted here. They are now with initial response time guarantee. Which mean your request to the will be answered in time frame as promised.

Helpdesk email response is 30 minutes.

Live chat attend time is 59 seconds.

Phone support waiting time is 59 seconds.

All these are their support response time guarantee and they are the first to have such a great feature. From our observation, we really see their improvement. Live chat with support team can be reached out within a few seconds and there is always people answering us. The queue line is very short and there is no long waiting. We love their service quality and we rated their support quality 10 out of 10, a perfect rating.

They are now offering free website transfer and data migration service. There are more and more web hosting company are offering these free web site transfer services. Moving from old to new is no hassle after all, and fully taken care by the new company. Well, there are some that charging fees for that website migration services and some goes up to fifty dollars for premium migration service. They are offering the free data migration service; their heroic support team will move your important data for you.

Our Liquidweb review and signup experience is sweet. Alright, we sign up with them days ago. And now this website is hosted with their shared hosting plan. Overall sign up experience had been really great. The order form is clear and easy to fill up, straight the way, and the order is completed. We make payment with PayPal for this hosting plan. You can choose credit card payment as well. After the PayPal payment had been verified, my account get verified and shortly after than we received the account setup email and the welcome email. The system administrator in charge of processing our order and setup is Daniel Wells. Simple as that, the sign up process had been completed. We are happy with that. Now, we have the account and cPanel login information in the email. And what we do next is to setup a WordPress blog to host this Liquidweb review site and it’s done in just minutes. WordPress setup is simple and smooth with their 1-click installer tool.

Liquidweb affiliate program is sophisticated. They are famous for their VPS and dedicated server. If you are using their partner program and referring friends to sign up any of it, you will be rewarded with affiliate sales commission. This is their partner program and you too can become their partners. Their affiliate program pays sixty dollars for every successful VPS hosting customer that you sent them. For every server sold, you earn one share of sales commission plus five percent recurring monthly bill. In affiliate page, they have the following example given. All the commission will be credited into account and pending approval. It’s subjected to payment confirmation. If the customer decline payment or cancel their hosting plan within the pending approval period, the sales commission will be voided and no commission will be earned. The referral program will pay via PayPal and make sure you have a PayPal account ready to receive commission payment.

Our overall rating is quit good. Basically, we love their high quality service that have the highest uptime guarantee. In real life, this is a top quality website hosting company and we will continue to host with them. Following is our rating and score.

Overall Experience and Rating

What is Liquidweb DNS domain name server? From WHOIS domain search, we can find a lot of information including registration date, owner information, company name and location, etc. It was registered on August 1997 and active until now. This also indicates their hosting brand has bee around for more than 15 years. Here is their DNS nameserver: at at

We also find out their official website is hosted at IP address which is located at Lansing. It is hosted at their data center at Michigan of United States.

How to register domain name at here? You need to create a support ticket and request for new name registration. The support team will register this for you and add it to your account accordingly. It’s a little bit inconvenient as user can’t register perform domain search and doing it themselves, and have to go through their support team to get it done.

Liquidweb Coupons and More Discounts

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This is the latest Liquidweb coupon code that offering one time $75 dollars discount. Follow the simple steps and the saving will be applied to your new account. First thing to do is get to the redeem coupon page. This is located at a secret page and can be accessed from this Liquidweb discount link. At homepage top left corner, click the drop down for “redeem coupon”. Enter your email address (for your account) to receive the coupon code. Once complete, the free money will be available in account. Click on signup now to create a web hosting account.

Save $75 with this coupon link

Is there other ways to get more discount price? When ordering their packages, there are few simple ways to save some money. We know their plan priced isn’t cheap and it would be great if there is some extra discount price available. In this Liquidweb coupon page, we are providing you with the tip to get two free months from them.

Here is how this web hosting coupon works. Choose to signup and pay by the year (12 months) and get two months free. That is value at thirty dollars in discount money. And there is no setup fee and no hidden fee involve. Here is the example when we choose to signup. We have chosen the option to pay by the year and get 2 months for free.

Get 2 free months